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We have moved…

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Alpaca shearing workshop coming soon.

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DIY Seed Tape

This is such a fantastic idea…had to share!

forgotten skills

I’m going to tell you a secret, one that is really quite abominable consider I call myself a gardener – I actually hate sowing seeds outside. Not the fact of growing things, but the physical act of being hunched over the beds in baking heat (or freezing cold) making furrows, attempting to place tiny seeds at correct spacing, making sure they are covered to the correct depth….blah blah blah. It’s all just so tedious and meticulous. In the words of Jerry Greenfield, of Ben & Jerry’s, “if its not fun, why do it.”

This is why if a plant can be started from seed and later transplanted, I almost always start them inside. I have no problem starting seeds indoors, while seated on a comfortable cushion on a chair at my kitchen table. But not all seeds can be later transplanted. Some, like carrots, need to be direct sown. Which is a problem, because…

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Quick migration from wordpress.com to wordpress.org.    Here’s hoping I don’t lose everything.

I invite you to find me at http://www.sweetdeviation.com.  Thank you and Happy Blogging!!!

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36,524 Days

In one week, I will embark on a 700 mile journey through the great state of Texas.  My family and I have rented an RV to travel from Houston to El Paso for my  grandmother’s 100th birthday!  My grandmother was born in Mexico in 1915 and came to the United States when she was just a toddler.

By modest estimates, 459 lives on this earth can be traced back to her.  I am nervous and excited about this trip home.  My 20 year-old daughter will be taking a week off from her studies at A&M University and my son,17, and Step-daughter, 7, will be on the road with us as well.  Unlike the straight 13 hour haul we generally make, we will be taking our time. Stops at a cattle ranch, Hueco Tanks and natural caverns are all on the agenda.

I decided that this event marks more than just the 36,524 days that my grandmother has lived.  It is an opportunity to really consider the mark that we leave while we are here on this Earth; to really stop and take it all in.  My fear is that it will resemble a National Lampoon’s Griswold Family Vacation instead of the perfectly laid out Zen meets Tony Robinson’s Epic Family Vacation I have envisioned.  Still, I press on.  I honor my grandmother with my unfailing optimism.

Incidentally, we will be taking our family photos in the beautifully painted Texas desert.  Our theme is “Steampunkish”  so we will hopefully have some nice shots to share when we return. Until then, I must get crack-a-lackin’ on the costumes and trip planning.

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Just some Chicks I know…

I have a confession to make.  I have kept this secret for too long and I feel compelled to share it with you now.  I have been obsessed with chickens for years.  “Chickens?”, you might ask.  “That’s you’re big secret???”   Big deal a lot of people have loved a lot of chickens for a lot of years, right?  The chicken (or the egg…I’m not sure which came first) can be traced back to Asia circa 6000 BC.  So yeah, a lot of people have loved these birds, but I tried to hatch one.  No, I don’t mean in an incubator with expensive lights,  gizmos and chicken hatching doohickies. No.  I literally pulled an egg out of my mother’s refrigerator and proceeded to sit on it for what seemed to be an eternity. It was more likely just a few minutes. I hid in a closet and dreamed of what I would name my chick.  She would naturally understand every word I said and would respond only to me.  I would name her something clever and all my friends would be jealous.  It was a pretty solid plan.  Then I got bored (this seems to be a common theme I’m noticing) I got so bored and so tired of waiting for this egg to warm up and hatch that I soon left.  I left that egg in that closet for days.  It eventually began to smell and I handled it.  I threw the egg out and was covered in shame.  In that moment I realized how dumb my plan really was, but I was desperate to have a chicken to call my own.

Fast forward a few decades.  My fascination hasn’t faded and it is with great pride that I present  Henrietta, Cosmo, Nugget and Scout (originally Omelet).  These are my girls (actually Scout keeps us wondering; no eggs, but quiet as a church mouse).  I love them, I named them, they come when I call ( if I have food and they are hungry) Mission Accomplished.

I have moved.  Please find me at http://www.sweetdeviation.com

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I am waiting on the arrival of my new Kiwi spinning wheel.
I swore that if I ever shelled out the money for a wheel it would be the most beautiful authentic looking wheel ever.
Then I saw the prices on these babies and decided I could make one myself.
With the help of my DH, we set out to make what eventually became the ugliest spinning wheel under the sun.
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Rock me mama like a spinning wheel…..

I continue to enjoy wonderful wheel upgrades.   First, I had the Tilly contraption; built by my Dear Husband using old bicycle parts and a music stand.  Then came the Ashford Kiwi, which was actually very nice to spin on, but not at all a joy to behold.   It was made of composite wood and was functional but not decorative.  Now, thanks to a keen and watchful eye, I am spinning on a lovely Frank Herring wheel straight from England!  The wheel is kinda art deco and not the standard pioneer type I’ve seen at most guild meetings, still, it was a wonderful steal and a dream to spin on.

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Victory over Cricut!

We recently spent an entire weekend dusting off the old relic that is my Cricut. I bought this contraption in 2006 with all the hope and conviction of a newly rehabilitated procrastinator.  I would use it, I promised. Then after tearing through a few reams of card stock, I was done.  Finished. Bored.

Enter Christmas 2014,  I was itching to make something…anything.  I was sure that I could make something fantastic if only I had the right tools.  I thought about the Cricut occasionally, but was left wanting. It was so limited.  Then, I saw an amazing post on Pinterest. It detailed how I could turn any font into a design for Cricut.  My mind was blown.  The excitement was short lived when I learned about how Cricut had tried to put an end to this type of use  (they prefer we spend a large fortune on over priced cartridges).So my genius husband and I found a work around.  We modified the Cricut and now can do some pretty awesome crafts like these:


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