Victory over Cricut!

We recently spent an entire weekend dusting off the old relic that is my Cricut. I bought this contraption in 2006 with all the hope and conviction of a newly rehabilitated procrastinator.  I would use it, I promised. Then after tearing through a few reams of card stock, I was done.  Finished. Bored.

Enter Christmas 2014,  I was itching to make something…anything.  I was sure that I could make something fantastic if only I had the right tools.  I thought about the Cricut occasionally, but was left wanting. It was so limited.  Then, I saw an amazing post on Pinterest. It detailed how I could turn any font into a design for Cricut.  My mind was blown.  The excitement was short lived when I learned about how Cricut had tried to put an end to this type of use  (they prefer we spend a large fortune on over priced cartridges).So my genius husband and I found a work around.  We modified the Cricut and now can do some pretty awesome crafts like these:


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3 Responses to Victory over Cricut!

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    These crafts are just amazingly beautiful. I’ve seen the cricut in the stores, and wondered about it with a crafting excitement. Thank you for this post
    Laura ~


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