Rock me mama like a spinning wheel…..

I continue to enjoy wonderful wheel upgrades.   First, I had the Tilly contraption; built by my Dear Husband using old bicycle parts and a music stand.  Then came the Ashford Kiwi, which was actually very nice to spin on, but not at all a joy to behold.   It was made of composite wood and was functional but not decorative.  Now, thanks to a keen and watchful eye, I am spinning on a lovely Frank Herring wheel straight from England!  The wheel is kinda art deco and not the standard pioneer type I’ve seen at most guild meetings, still, it was a wonderful steal and a dream to spin on.

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3 Responses to Rock me mama like a spinning wheel…..

  1. sweetpea2love says:

    How wonderful for you,, would love to see a picture of your spinning wheel from England..


    • I will post pictures soon. I just gifted myself a new Nikon D5100. I am daring to take the settings off Auto and shooting anything (one) that stands still. My spinning wheel is my list 🙂

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      • sweetpea2love says:

        Eleanor, that’s wonderful news to my ears. Looking forward to seeing many pictures with your Nikon D5100 camera..

        Take care, from Laura ~


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